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Thales Helps Organizations Combat the Future Security Threats of Quantum Computing

August 5, 2019

Thales today announced its
collaboration with ISARA Corp. and ID Quantique (IDQ), leading providers of complementary
quantum-safe security solutions, to collaborate on a quantum-safe, crypto-agile
solution designed to protect against the security threat of quantum computing.
As the reality of quantum computing approaches, companies and other organizations need to stay one step ahead of the potential computational power that could render today’s encryption algorithms obsolete. By incorporating quantum-safe algorithms from
ISARA and the quantum random number generation technology from ID Quantique in its SafeNet Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and SafeNet High Speed Encryptors, Thales is providing organizations with the crypto-agility to easily implement quantum-safe
crypto and combat the threats of quantum computing. 
computing will be one of the biggest technological achievements in recent
memory, but it comes with a lot of security risks,” said Todd Moore, Vice President
Encryption Products for cloud protection and licensing activity, Thales.
“While there is no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to
cybersecurity, crypto-agility is the next frontier in protection against the
processing power of quantum. It will enable businesses to deploy algorithms in
a flexible way, without significantly altering the system infrastructure,
should there be a failure of the original encryption. Meaning that businesses
can protect their data from future threats like quantum computing, which is
still a bit away, without having to rip up their systems each year as the power
of computing grows.”
Scott Totzke,
CEO and Co-founder at ISARA added, “One of the biggest threats quantum computing brings is the
eradication of trust within data ownership, made possible by public key
cryptography. This partnership aims to not only protect the data itself, but
provide that assurance that only those that are able to access it, have been
trusted to do so.”
“Quantum communications technologies will play a significant role in
securing data and communications, both in backbone networks and at the edge,” said Grégoire Ribordy, CEO and Co-founder at ID Quantique. “Solutions
incorporating quantum resistant algorithms, QRNG and QKD, combined with crypto
agility provide a holistic solution. It is clear the security industry needs to
come together, as we have here, to combat future threats”
ID Quantique’s Quantis Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) will feed random numbers into the SafeNet Luna HSM, providing high quality entropy for the generation of strong keys.
Additionally, SafeNet High Speed Encryption (HSE) solutions, which protect data in motion, support quantum key distribution (QKD) and the Quantis QRNG from ID Quantique. This means the Thales high speed encryption platform provides high assurance encryption
while leveraging quantum techniques for key generation and management as data crosses networks.
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