IKI is a provider of transaction delivery and monitoring solutions using TLS/SSL encryption. The company focuses on securing IP POS, mPOS, 3-D Secure, and other Internet and mobile payment technologies. SSLNAC is a specialized network access controller that manages secure and reliable delivery of Internet payments and other generic TLS/SSL transactions like SOAP/XML. SSLNAC performs offloading, acceleration, and secure encryption at the front-end.

IKI SSLNAC integrates with Thales nShield Connect hardware security modules (HSM) to protect and manage cryptographic keys in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ compliant environment. The virtual appliance performs TLS/SSL client certificate blacklisting, TPDU/NII transaction routing, TCP multiplexing, and TCP keep-alive host connections. The solution also executes back-end host/service health checking, backup redirection, back-end encryption, and detailed transaction logging and monitoring. The SSLNAC virtual appliance can also be copied and provisioned for new payment services or new customers for better security, availability, resiliency, and performance.

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Data Sheet : nShield Connect


Zagreb, Croatia

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