Zero-Downtime Encryption and Key Rotation

Streamline Vormetric Transparent Encryption deployment and maintenance with the ability to encrypt and re-encrypt without having to take applications offline

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Live Data Transformation Extension

Deployment and management of data-at-rest encryption can present challenges when transforming clear-text to cipher-text, or when rekeying data that has already been encrypted. Traditionally, these efforts required planned downtime, or they required labor-intensive data cloning and synchronization efforts. Vormetric Transparent Encryption Live Data Transformation eliminates these hurdles, enabling encrypt and rekey with unprecedented uptime and efficiency.

Live Data Transformation Extension
Improve Security and Data Availability

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Live Data Transformation, with zero downtime encryption deployments, allows for encrypting and re-keying data without taking applications offline. This allows for deployment of data security controls to applications along with business continuity and high availability.

Reduce The Operational Costs of Encryption

In the past, critical applications had to be taken offline for initial encryption of data and encryption maintenance, with substantial operational costs - Not any more.

Ease Compliance Overhead

Compliance requirements and best practices demand periodic encryption key changes. Now maintaining standards no longer requires downtime - applications and users continue to work as usual during rekey operations.

Versioned Backups and Archives

With key versioning management, Live Data Transformation offers efficient backup and archive recovery that enable more immediate access. In a data recovery operation, archived encryption keys recovered from the Vormetric Data Security Manager are automatically applied to an older data set. Restored data is encrypted with the current cryptographic keys.

Zero-Downtime Encryption Deployments

Live Data Transformation enables your administrators to encrypt data without downtime or any disruption to users, applications, or workflows. While encryption is underway, users and processes can continue to interact with databases or file systems as normal.

Seamless Key Rotation

To align with security best practices and many regulatory mandates, it is vital to rotate cryptographic keys on a periodic basis. Live Data Transformation makes it fast and efficient to address these requirements. With the solution, you can perform key rotation without having to duplicate data or take associated applications off line.

Requires Vormetric Transparent Encryption as a prerequisite.

Operating system support:

Microsoft—Windows Server 2008 and 2012; Linux—Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 and 7, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and 12

Cluster support:

Veritas Cluster Server Active/Passive; Microsoft Cluster—File Cluster, SQL Server Cluster

Big data support:

Cassandra, CouchBase, Hadoop, MongoDB, SAP HANA

Backup/replication support:

DB2 backup, NetBackup, NetWorker, NTBackup, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), Windows Server Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)

Lösungsbeschreibung : Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Hier finden Sie die nächste Detailstufe zu Vormetric Transparent Encryption und der zugrundeliegenden Plattform, die diese unterstützt. Die Vormetric Data Security Platform ermöglicht eine effiziente Data-at-Rest-Sicherheit in Ihrem gesamten Unternehmen. Aufbauend auf einer erweiterbaren Infrastruktur können die Produkte der Vormetric Data Security Platform individuell bereitgestellt werden, wobei eine effiziente, zentrale Schlüsselverwaltung gemeinsam genutzt wird.


Solution Brief : Vormetric Live Data Transformation

Vormetric Live Data Transformation enables administrators to migrate data from clear text to encrypted, without downtime or any disruption to users, applications, or business workflows. In addition, organizations can use this capability to do key rotation, without having to duplicate data or take associated applications off line.


Demo : Vormetric Live Data Transformation

Watch a demo of Vormetric Live Data Transformation and discover how this solution enables the initial encryption of clear-text data and on-going key rotation with the data in-place and available to applications without disruption.The demo describes the patent that is the engine to this capability, a sample deployment on a Microsoft SQL database, and demonstrates how the data is online and available even during the encryption process.


White Paper : Vormetric Transparent Encryption Architecture

Today’s IT and security organizations need to continue to scale their capabilities. They need to employ safeguards around larger volumes of sensitive data. They have to guard against more persistent and sophisticated threats, and they must establish these safeguards in more places. To address these expanding requirements, leading enterprises and government agencies rely on Vormetric Transparent Encryption.

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