TIMG Fortifies Data Storage Services With Thales

Headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, The Information Management Group (TIMG) was originally formed to provide secure storage of backup tapes using a series of underground vaults. By 2004 – when it was purchased by Freightways – the company had expanded its range of services to embrace physical, digital, and cloud-based assets. With eight facilities in Australia and an additional three in New Zealand, TIMG personalizes its offerings to the individual needs of each client.

TIMG’s information security manager commented, “We are an information management company, but are also very people focused. We offer our clients tailored storage solutions that always place an emphasis on security: We take the confidentiality of data extremely seriously.”

Business Challenge

Sensitive to the security of payment card information (PCI) and personally identifiable information (PII) online – and to comply with regulations such as the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) – TIMG embarked on an initiative to identify and implement file-level encryption. The IS manager noted, “Clients trust us with their data and our duty is to ensure the proper processes are always in place. We decided that enhancing our security posture by deploying a best-in-class encryption solution would help us to deliver on these expectations.”

Technical Challenge

With millions of records in its care, TIMG wanted an enterprise-level encryption solution. The manager elaborated, “We looked for an approach that could handle the scope of our operations and scale as we continued to grow. In addition, we wanted it to be easy to implement and manage; able to encompass both files in motion as well as those at rest; and cover log files too. The flexibility to include all data types was another critical decision criterion.”

The IS manager also needed a security solution that could prevent a single individual from having full access to any of the data entrusted to TIMG. He stated, “We wanted to eliminate the ‘Edward Snowden’ effect where one person has the keys to everything; we needed administrators to be able to manipulate files but not access the contents.”


In its evaluation of encryption solutions, The Information Management Group discovered an unexpected differentiator for Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) by Thales; “Thales is the only solution that enabled us to isolate and segment individual domains,” the manager recalled, “and with our diverse clientele this is extremely important.

“We ran a proof-of-concept using the Thales solution, with one administrator tasked with encrypting the data and another trying to access it; and the files were always secured perfectly. Users of the test application were completely unaware that file encryption was in place, and when the administrator tried to access the data it was gibberish.”

The company also found that the Thales team demonstrated a quicker response to questions than its competitors, as well as having both a technical and commercial awareness that supported TIMG’s goal of coming up with additional innovative services for its customers.

Deployment of the solution into the production environment proved to be simple: the IS manager recalled, “The implementation process is very straightforward, even with some of the more sophisticated activities like setting up logging and role management rules.”


TIMG’s internal audit team verified the environment to be in full compliance with all of the applicable standards. The manager shared, “An independent compliance manager verified everything and Thales helped us pass with flying colors. Encryption is one of the key components that have enabled us to meet and exceed the ISO/IEC 27001 standards, a core mandate for information security management systems.”

He continued, “We were able to implement Vormetric Transparent Encryption by Thales without changing any of our existing application code. Now securing additional datasets is as simple as utilizing the same infrastructure and installing an extra Thales agent.

“We’ve split the system administrators from the users authorized to access specific data and are leveraging the ability to set up separate domains. This enables us to create better data segregation and eliminated the risk of any one person having access to the entire system.”

Only The Best For Timg’s Customers

The IS manager concluded, “Cryptography is hard; doing it correctly, efficiently and flexibly is even harder. By leveraging Vormetric DSM – and the millions of dollars of research and countless resources that have gone into developing it – we are protecting our clients’ data with the best-in-class solution. We could not be happier.”

Thales opens the door to new possibilities

Business need

  • Encrypt a wide range of client data in compliance with multiple standards and regulations
  • Demonstrate a tangible commitment to data integrity

Technology need

  • An easy to manage, simple to scale, enterprise-level solution
  • Prevent any single user from having access to the keys for all of the encrypted information


  • Vormetric Data Security Manager by Thales
  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption by Thales
  • Vormetric Key Management by Thales


  • Protection consistent with attaining ISO/IEC 27001 standards
  • Simple implementation, straightforward management, and effortless scaling
  • Isolation of domains and roles

About Thales eSecurity

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