Development Services

Drawing on decades of global experience, Thales eSecurity Professional Services offer unmatched knowledge on Thales data protection products, which provide powerful best-in-class cryptographic capabilities that can be closely integrated with your business solutions. Our products support industry standard interfaces and functions but sometimes customers need custom code developed to solve a specific business problem.

Our consultants provide comprehensive development services around a wide range of technologies to help integrate data protection into your infrastructure. We can work with you in architecture, key management design, custom development, application review, development advice, ongoing custom development support and much more. Our team contains cross-disciplinary consultants, system architects, project managers and highly experienced developers who have a deep understanding of Thales solutions and best practices for encryption and key management.

  • Payshield Customisations

    Today, Thales Payshield HSMs are the most widely deployed payment HSM in the world; the Payshield host interface is the payments industry de facto standard. PayShield HSMs support a rich and varied command set that is used in credit/debit card, mobile and other payment processing solutions. Sometimes, customers need custom commands that support unique requests, key management and proprietary cryptography that aren’t part of the core command set. Our developer consultants are ready to help and can help design, implement and deliver custom Payshield commands.

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  • Advanced Payshield Interface

    The PayShield host command interface is widely used in payment systems but for customers with payment processing systems built on Java technology, this is not an easy integration to achieve. Our developer consultants have worked with several customers to develop advanced interfaces:

    PayShield Java adapters expose the processing capabilities of Payshield HSMs through the Java Cryptographic Extension (JCE).

    PayShield Web Services provide REST/SOAP-based Web Services, supporting load balancing, unified key management and open APIs easily integrated with message frameworks.

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  • Vormetric Application Encryption

    Vormetric provides best-in-class integrated data protection, with a common policy that works across file system, database, and application encryption. Our consultants have board knowledge and experience in developing and extending Vormetric product to meet customer needs, integrate with third party products and implement bespoke integrations, such as the RSA DPM legacy platform.

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  • DPM Replacement

    RSA has announced end of product support for RSA Data Protection Manager. The Vormetric Data Security Platform offers a proven alternative for RSA DPM customers. Thales professional services have worked with many former RSA DPM customers to help them migrate their infrastructure to Vormetric with custom extensions designed to provide seamless integration with customer back office.

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Course structure

Our classes deliver an ideal blend of data protection principles and practical hands-on workshops.

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Course requirement

Designed for participants with varying levels of experience in cryptography.

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Course result

Accelerate deployment of Thales solutions and increase the security and scalability of the systems on which your organization depends.

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